20 Foods to Help Build Muscles Fast

A strong muscular body is an essential part of a solid personality. People with frail body and weaker muscles can never make a positive impact upon anyone as their appearance is not impressive. To make your body good looking and strong, one must accumulate strong muscles with the help of various methods. These methods of building muscles are capable of providing a strong shape to your body. However, people looking for stronger muscles must avoid accumulation of unwanted fat in the body.

The following 20 foods are quite effective to build muscles:

  1. Whole eggs: Eggs provide best value of food for muscle building. The yolk contains 7g of protein which is useful for increasing the testosterone level of the body. It is good to tone the muscles.

  2. Wild Salmon: Salmon is not only tasty to eat but it is also a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids which are good to build muscles. People should avoid salmons grown in farms as they do not contain the right amount of fatty acids.

  3. Yogurt: Yogurt is good for the body as it contains bacteria to strengthen gastrointestinal health. It is good for the overall development of the body.

  4. Berries: These are accepted as strong antioxidants which save the body from diseases like cancer, eye and heart diseases. Consumption of blackberries and blueberries can be useful.    

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  6. Olive oil: This is a wonderful ingredient for increasing the muscle mass. Intake of 1-2 tablespoon of olive oil with salads can be beneficial for building muscles. It is good to taste as well and has no side effects.

  7. Dry fruits: Consumption of dry food is good for building extra muscle in the body. People looking for stronger muscles must consume a fixed quantity of groundnuts, almonds, walnuts, and cashew nuts.

  8. Flax seeds: These seeds are a rich source of proteins, fiber, and Omega 3 fatty acids & they can be useful for building muscles. However, one should keep away from flax oil.

  9. Red meat: Though red meat is prohibited for people with heart-related diseases, it is good for adding muscles to the body. It is a rich source of vitamin, creatine, iron, and zinc. However, too much intake of red meat can be harmful too.

  10. Spirulina: It is believed that spirulina strengthens the muscles of the body. It has 65% protein and 20% carbohydrates which can be decisive for the body.

  11. Spinach: People are not aware of the goodness of spinach. It builds the muscles, fights bone loss and prevents diseases like cancer. It must be taken in the natural form without frying.

  12. Broccoli: Due to its low calorie factor, Broccoli prevents gain of fat and strengthens the muscles. It contains soluble fiber which is easily digested in the body.

  13. Oats: It is a natural product that reduces cholesterol in the blood. It is good to have after a session of workouts.

  14. Turkey: Consuming white turkey is good for increasing muscle mass of your body. It has 4.5 g saturated fat in every 100 g.

  15. Tomato paste: Intake of tomato paste is good for increasing concentration of muscle in the body. One can take it with olive oil also.

  16. Water: Intake of ample amount of water is essential to flush out harmful ingredients in the body. It can help in the overall growth of body including muscles.

  17. Cucumber: This fruit reduces growth of fat in the body which, in turn, is good for the growth of muscles.

  18. Red Pepper: It is rich in Vitamin C which has its own role to play. Muscles grow thicker with this.

  19. Quinoa: It is a natural supplier of proteins and fiber which strengthens the muscles.

  20. Turmeric: This easily-available product has curcumin which helps in the growth of muscles.

  21. Anchovies: It is a food rich in Omega 3 fatty acid and protein which is good for increasing muscle mass of your body.

Resources: Live Strong, Muscle Hack, Strong Lifts

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