20 Foods To Get Healthy, Clear Skin

It should not take you long to understand that the food you eat, would ultimately show up on your skin. Food items have a huge impact on the skin and hence, try and take better care of the same by regulating the kind of food you consume. This post mentions 20 such tips which would help you in keeping your skin healthy.

Stay Hydrated

Water plays an important role in skin conditioning. The more you keep yourself hydrated, the better it is. The water flushes out the dirt and other harmful toxins from deep within.


foods-for-healthy-skin-tomatoes Tomatoes are much like Cantaloupe as they are a rich source of antioxidants as well. This is how they help us in getting a flawless skin.

Green Tea

foods-for-healthy-skin Over the years, green tea has become a tried and tested formula in keeping the skin healthy. For best results, try to have the same without sugar or milk.


foods-for-healthy-skin-cantaloupe Experts believe that Cantaloupe increase the presence of antioxidants inside our body, which in turn absorb the harmful radicals present inside.


foods-for-healthy-skin-berreis Berries like strawberry, blueberries or even blackberries are rich in antioxidants. No matter how you have them, you would benefit out of them.


foods-for-healthy-skin-plums There are many fruits which have a positive effect upon your skin and plums are no exception. Like the other fruits mentioned above, these are rich in antioxidants as well.

Sweet Potato

foods-for-healthy-skin-sweet-potatoes If you are not that fond of Cantaloupe and tomato, you may try and acquire a glowing skin by resorting to sweet potato. The free radicals from the sweet potato would keep your skin from a variety of problems.


foods-for-healthy-skin-brocolli Broccoli is a great vegetable as it has an array of qualities. This is why it is being considered as one of the best ways to keep the skin healthy. The vegetable is rich in Vitamin A and hence, helps in the formation of new skin cells.


foods-for-healthy-skin-spinach Well, spinach is much like broccoli and hence is rich in Vitamin A. It helps in rejuvenating the skin.


foods-for-healthy-skin-carrots If you want to get daily dosage of Vitamin A without eating those leafy green vegetables as broccoli or spinach, you may stick to carrots. It is a good alternative to the vegetables mentioned above.

Low Fat Dairy Products

foods-for-healthy-skin-milk Dairy products are quite good at Vitamin A content. However, they are rich in fat as well. Hence, try to get yourself low fat version of cheese or milk, which would help your skin, look healthy without affecting your body.

Omega 3 Rich Fish Dishes

foods-for-healthy-skin-omega3 Omega 3 fats are good for your health in a variety of ways, and thus, try to have more of Omega 3 rich fish dishes. These are present in salmon, tuna, and shellfish.

Flax Seeds

foods-for-healthy-skin-flaxseeds There is always an alternative to everything and hence, if you do not like having fish, you can always rely upon flax seeds for the essential fatty acids. People may even try to cook food in flax seed oil instead of having the seeds directly.


foods-for-healthy-skin-walnuts These are another option for fatty acids and are equally effective like the flax seeds and the Omega 3 rich fishes.

Grape Fruit

foods-for-healthy-skin-grapefruit Vitamin C is good for your skin in the sense, that it fights skin ageing. Grape fruit is one such source which is rich in Vitamin C and thus holds good for the skin.


foods-for-healthy-skin-oranges People are quite aware of the fact that Oranges are rich in Vitamin C content and hence try having more of the same, if you want your skin to look soft and wrinkle free.

Brussel Sprouts

foods-for-healthy-skin-brussel-sprouts There is a common misconception among men and women, that only citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C. However, there are quite a few vegetables which are equally good and brussel sprout is one such exception.

Whole Wheat

foods-for-healthy-skin-wholewheat Selenium present inside wheat cereals and baked products (breads) work at the cellular level and work towards the improvement of the skin.

Lean Red Meat

foods-for-healthy-skin-redmeat Red meat is a good source of iron. There are many people who do not have enough iron and thus develop dark circles over time. Consuming red meat replenishes the iron content inside the body and helps you sport a better skin. However, try to stick to lean red meat, instead of the red meats rich in fat.


foods-for-healthy-skin-eggs There are many who can’t really digest or handle the consumption of red meat. For them, eggs are a good alternative of replenishing the iron content.

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