20 Easy Tips to Improve Your Appetite

There are some people in the world who wish to increase their appetite and in turn want to gain a few kilos. Improving appetite is not that difficult, if you know the right ways. The 20 tips mentioned below are great in fighting low appetite problems.

1. Exercise More Often

Physical activity is directly related to appetite as it stimulates the same. Even a small walk across the park or down the lane, would prove effective in improving your appetite.

2. Keep A Fixed Eating Schedule

Skipping meals is not a good idea. Try to have your meals at regular times, every day. This would send a clear signal to the body and it would be waiting for food and nutrients at the right time. This may seem funny, but this is how our body clock functions.

3. Be Quick at Eating

Try to eat food quickly instead of whiling away the time with food right in front of you.

4. Intake More Fluid

Limit the intake of fluids during your meals. If you wish to have it, have it at least 30 minutes before or after it meal. This way you would be saving considerable space inside for those extra calories.

5. Importance of Vitamin B Complex

Research shows that Vitamin B Complex boosts your appetite and is even responsible for gaining weight to a certain extent. So, have enough of Vitamin B Complex.

6. Need of Zinc

Zinc deficiency in the body may lead to loss in appetite. Hence, if you are suffering from the same, you may take a zinc supplement of 80 mg each day to improve your appetite.


7. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a serious appetite killer and hence avoiding alcohol is a good way of boosting your appetite. If you cannot resist boozing with friends, at least try to cut down on the number of pegs you gulp.

8. Need for Garnishing

Human psychology is just too amazing. When food is served attractively, there is an increase in appetite. Hence, try to garnish the dishes beautifully, so that you feel good when you see them on your table.

9. Have A Healthy Diet

Healthy diet is often linked to a healthy body and the concept is entirely true. Hence, if you wish to stay fit and look good, you would first need to work on your appetite and the best way to do it, is to eat good nutritious food.

10. Choose The Right Food

Avoid eating junk foods and foods rich in oil, as they tend to ruin your health and appetite.

11. Caloric Beverage Counts

Try to include a caloric beverage in your meals if you are suffering from loss of appetite. Cranberry juice, whole milk, grape juice and prune juice are good for your appetite.

12. Seek Natural Remedies

Some of the natural remedies which help in fighting loss of appetite include green tea, garlic, cardamom, ginger, cloves, fennel and red pepper.

13. Eating Different Helps

Well, eating the same stuff every alternate day can be very annoying and many people skip their meals due to that as well. Hence, vary your menu daily & try eating food that you like the most. Don’t bother about the calories and instead, just enjoy your meal.

14. Try Snacking

If you do not feel like eating heavy food, try eating in small quantities, every now and then. In fact, snacking six times a day is a great way of improving your appetite.

15. Cautious Medication

Little medication is always of help when you are trying to fight loss of appetite. There are many pills (over the counter) which do a good job at the same.

16. Please Don’t Force

Don’t force yourself, if you do not feel like eating. This would never help. Instead, try doing things which would urge you to eat more.

17. Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks can ruin your appetite. Generally, people need to be hungry within a few hours after a meal. But if, you suffer from appetite-related problems, carbonated drinks would only add to your problems.

18. Try New Appetizers

Certain vegetables and salads work wonders as appetizers. It is advisable to include parsley and horseradish in salads as they have proved to be effective.

19. Have  A Refreshing Drink

Try having a glass of water coupled with ginger paste, rock salt and lemon juice. This would blow away tiredness, cure indigestion and stimulate your appetite.

20. Try Some Home Remedies

Oregano Oil is vey effective in dealing with loss of appetite. Try massaging with the same and you are bound to notice quick results.

All the best!

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