15 Low Carb Foods For Weight Loss

We live in the world of science and logic with solution to almost every problem. In this fast world obesity or fatness is one of the most common problems which leads to other problems. Many people who suffer from obesity are prescribed to take low carbohydrate food or low carb food and go through work out sessions. Some people are so fat that they have to undergo surgery initially, followed by a low carb diet.

Low carb foods are just foods that contain fewer amounts of easily digestible carbohydrates and are replaced with foods that contain high amount of fat, vegetables, proteins and fibres that also help in digestion. These low carb foods allows only 20% calorie intake and also restricts excess calorie intake. Taking low carb foods helps to stay away from obesity and thus helps to stay away from chronic diseases like high pressure, heart attacks etc. This food also helps to avoid diseases like metabolic syndrome, diabetes, epilepsy, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc.

Some of the low carb foods items are:-

  1. Low carb snacks – low carb snacks are snacks that contain low carbohydrates and have awesome taste. Some of the examples are celery spread with peanut butter, tuna salad with celery, hard boiled eggs, etc.

  2. Low carb fruits – These foods are part of diet to reduce high carbohydrate consumption. The fruits containing low carbohydrate are watermelon, papaya, strawberries, casaba melons, peaches, etc.

  3. Low carb vegetables – These vegetables not only contain low carbohydrate but also increase digestive power and smoothen egesting by increasing fibre content. Some of the low carb vegetables are sprouts, lettuce, spinach, chard, celery, etc.


  4. Low carb meats – The meat present in hamburgers contain high amount of carbohydrate. To avoid this, one must switch dishes with foods containing sea food, eggs, tofu, etc.

  5. Low cab Milk products – Milk generally contains a huge amount of carbohydrate but products like unsweetened milk and yoghurt contain comparatively less carbohydrates.

  6. Low carb Drinks – Drinks like coke contain a huge amount of carbohydrates. To avoid this, companies had come up with new products that contain fewer amounts of carbohydrates like Diet coke. Taking a small drink of alcohol also helps keep away the carbohydrates.

  7. Carb in Root vegetables – Generally, it is found that root vegetables contains a lot of carbohydrates but taking them after boiling reduces carbohydrate content and increases fibre.

  8. Sugar-free food– People who eat lot of sweet food are often found to be suffering from the problem of excess consumption of carbohydrates. So to avoid taking excess carbohydrates one should switch to artificial sweeteners like saccharine and products made using artificial sweeteners.

  9. Consumption of Protein – Consumption of protein food not only benefits the body but also help cut down carbohydrates in diet. Foods like chicken, fish, pork’s etc are wonderful examples of low carbohydrate proteins.

  10. Consumption of Cereals – Cereals is grains of plants that contain many essential minerals and nutrients. These are carbohydrate-free healthy and source of many vital ingredients in our body. Many pulses contain a large amount of fibres that help in digestion. Some of the cereals also contain proteins and vital micro-nutrients like vitamins etc.

  11. Soya milk – It is just simple milk without any added sweetener. It doesn’t taste good but helps to keep away carbohydrates from drinking milk.

  12. Packed low carbohydrate food – Nowadays, a wide variety of low carbohydrate foods are available and are packed in air tight containers or packets in the stores. They are the best low carbohydrate foods as we can see the amount of carbohydrate present in the food on the container.

  13. Low carb breads – Low carbohydrate breads are also easily available that are rich in fibres. There are a wide variety of them as some of them have high-protein content, some have high-fibre content etc.

  14. Avoid alcoholic beverages – Alcoholic beverages contain a lot of carbohydrates so one must drink moderately to avoid carbohydrates.

  15. Eat Cheese – Cheeses are low-carb food. Most cheeses have few carbs — if they have any carbs at all.

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