10 Health Hazards Of Eating Junk Food

I bet you are reading this from your computer sitting cozy at your desk or a mobile device on your couch. Well, this article is for you. It’s about all the health problems one could get from living a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.

Various types of diseases affect human beings. Obvious. If you suffer from any disease, it can cause lot of hindrances in life. Obvious, as it can get. Some diseases are fatal and have no cure, whereas others take a lot of time. Some of these diseases are caused by various types of germs including viruses, bacteria, and various unknown agents whereas some of these diseases are caused by faulty ways of leading life. As a matter of fact, majority of diseases today, are caused due to faulty eating habits. Eating junk food stuff causes a large number of health hazards for human beings.

The main health hazards caused by consumption of junk food:

1. Obesity: This can be the worst health hazard that junk food can cause to a human being. As a result of the disease, the body adds excessive amount of fat which can make the body extremely fat and weighty. Usually, this disease victimizes children in the age group of 5-15 years.

2. Depression: Due to excessive consumption of junk food, the body starts losing its balance and mental texture. As a result, the person starts suffering from depression which is usually termed as ‘slow poison’. Treatment of depression is possible but it takes a lot of time to recover fully.

3. Headache: As junk food stuff does not have the right amount of nutritive elements in them, so the body does not get nutrition which leads to common health troubles including headache and nausea.

4. Increase in cholesterol: Cholesterol can cause terrible heart-related diseases. This is mainly caused by regular consumption of junk food. The heart ailments can be fatal at times & can cause sudden heart seizures, which can even lead to death.


5. Accumulation of Trans fat: As junk food is not processed in the right manner so it is usually loaded with Trans fat which leads to growth of cholesterol in the body which is also known as low density lipoprotein. This can be harmful for the body as it may lead to heart-related ailments.

6. Addiction: Certain fast foods or junk foods contain ingredients that are extremely harmful for the body. These ingredients are tasty to the tongue so the people, especially children, get addicted to these kinds of foods. The parents, who suffer most, agree that getting rid of this addiction is quite difficult for children and at times, assistance of the psychiatrist is sought.

7. Food poisoning:  As most of the junk food sellers do not maintain health and hygiene, so the people may get food poisoning easily. A disorder of the stomach is a common symptom of food poisoning. In worst cases, the infected people are required to be admitted to hospitals or nursing homes for proper care. It is true that many people have even lost their lives due to infectious poisoning.

8. Type 2 diabetes: This can be a grave health problem for regular consumers of junk foods. The body develops insulin resistance which can be ideal for the growth of type 2 diabetes. This disease is highly dangerous as recovery rate is considerably low in the world.

9. Cardiovascular diseases: As junk foods lack nutrition and are rich in adulterated materials, so cardiovascular diseases are very much on the cards. Cardiovascular diseases are directly related to heart problems and at times it can be fatal.

10. Chemical contamination: Most of the junk food items are packed in plastic wrappers which contain harmful coating of perfluoroalkyls. This often leaves a harmful effect on the stuff packed inside it.

Most of the health hazards caused by junk food are known to all as various organizations are trying to educate people regarding the consequences of fast food or junk food consumption.

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