10 Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

With beautiful yellow petals, sunflowers in your garden can enhance the beauty of the place to a great extent. However, the flower has more to offer apart from its visual beauty.

The black or the graying green seeds that are studded in the center of the petals have great benefits for human health.

The oil that is produced from Sunflower seed is the chief source of polyunsaturated oil, which makes it best for human consumption. Apart from manufacture of oil, the seeds are delicious to eat and can help you plan a healthy diet.

10 Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds:

Keeps You Away From Cardiovascular Problems

Sunflower has a huge concentration of Vitamin E, which is important for the prevention of heart diseases. The antioxidant feature of Vitamin E keeps the radicals clear from the oxidizing cholesterol, which has adverse effect on health of heart.
Thus, the risks for stroke, heart attack or blocked arteries are reduced to some great extent. Studies have showed that intake of only quarter cup of sunflower oil in a day can provide ninety percent of Vitamin E required by a human being.

Prevention of Cancer
Sunflower seeds can help in lowering the risks of cancer as it has a huge amount of selenium. Research have proven the fact that low selenium content increases the risks of cancer, as selenium has the ability to induce damage cell synthesis and DNA repair.
As the cells are repaired effectively, the risks of cancer are reduced. Glutathione peroxidise, which also has a role to play in cancer protection is incorporated in selenium. With it, the liver can conduct the work of detoxification in a better way, reducing the risks of DNA damage. Studies have shown that sunflower seeds have made positive effect on people with colon cancer. It also reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Improves Health of bones
Sunflower seeds have various advantages. The huge amount of magnesium present in this seed is needed for improving health of bone.
Magnesium is needed to give a physical structure to bones and to maintain its strength. Copper content in sunflower seeds improves bone strength as well as functionality. While the presence of Vitamin E reduces the symptoms of arthritis.

Checks Inflammation
Sunflower seeds contain huge amount of Vitamin E, which is the most important anti-oxidant that is dissolved in fat and prevents it from damaging the internal function of body.
It also checks fat deposition in the body. Thus, one can lessen the risks of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis as well as asthma.

Protects Your Skin
Vitamin E in sunflower seeds also help in protecting the skin by preventing the reactive molecules to damage the cells even after touching it. It protects the skin from the UV rays of sun, making you look gorgeous for years.

Reduces the Cholesterol Level of Blood
High cholesterol level can lead to cardiac problems. Phytosterols present in sunflower seeds can help in reducing the levels of cholesterol in blood as its composition is almost same as the cholesterol present in various foods. Phytosterols also gives a boost to the immune system of the body.

Detoxification of body
Sunflower seed is rich in Vitamin E and magnesium, which are required for detoxification of the body. Thus, one can enjoy a healthy life for years to come. Sunflower oil is also equally good.

Improves the functionality of Nervous System
The high Magnesium content in sunflower seeds improves the functionality of nerves. It also strengthens the overall nervous system of the body.

Improves Respiration
The huge deposit of magnesium in sunflower seeds keeps the lungs clean. Thus, one can avoid any type of respiratory troubles. People suffering from asthmatic conditions can get great benefits by including sunflower seeds in their diet. Replacing other oils with sunflower oil for cooking is a wise decision.

Forget Migraine Headache
Migraine headache can be extremely distressing. To cure such problems, one can include sunflower seeds in daily diet. Magnesium that is present in sunflower seeds can help in preventing migraine headaches.

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