10 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

The gourd like fruit, pumpkin, which is used for making delicious dishes, has got lot of health benefits. The fruit, which is used to make decorative Jack-o-Lantern at the time of Halloween every year, is loaded with nutritional values.

The fruit, especially the seeds of pumpkin, which are loaded with nutritional values, can help you stay away from different lifestyle diseases and maintain healthy skin tone till old age.

10 health benefits of pumpkin seeds are listed below:

Improves Your Skin Tone and Treats Acne
The seeds of pumpkin are rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acid, selenium and zinc that can improve skin tone. It nourishes your skin from within and also helps in the treatment of acne. Zinc, which is present in pumpkin protects the cell membranes of your skin and also allows in maintaining collagen appropriately. It also boosts the skin renewal system, which in turn checks the signs of aging. The essential fatty acids, which is present in high number in pumpkin seeds allows in maintaining the moisture level of skin & reducing the risks of skin cell damage due to dryness. The high amount of Vitamin E present in pumpkin seeds speeds up the process of wound healing and also reduces stretch marks.

Reduces Cholesterol Level
High amount of cholesterol in blood is a major cause of several cardiovascular diseases. Phytosterols, which is present in pumpkin seeds reduces the cholesterol level, especially LDL cholesterol. You will have to include it in your daily diet if you want to see the difference.

Useful for Arthritis Treatment
Indomethacin, which is one of the most popular anti-inflammatory drugs used for the treatment of arthritis has a major drawback of increasing the lipid perioxides level at the joint linings of bones. If you want to get your arthritis problem cured without taking prescription pills, you can surely rely on pumpkin seeds. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds will have the same effect as Indomethacin, without any side-effects. There are reports indicating that consumption of pumpkin seeds have also lowered the risks of osteoporosis.

Helps in Preventing Kidney Stone
Replace your junk snacks with a bag of pumpkin seeds and keep your kidney safe. Research have proven the fact that people who consume pumpkin seeds regularly have the least risks of being affected with calcium oxalate stones, which is the commonest kind of kidney stone. It is important to ensure that the regular intake level of pumpkin seed is not less than 5 gm.

Protects your Prostrate
health-benefits-pumpkin-seedsProstrate problems are common in men, especially in their old age. If you want to enhance the overall health of your prostrate and improve the urination problems associated with enlarge prostates, you can surely rely on pumpkin seeds.

Overcome Your Depression
Stress and depression, which can be quite difficult to overcome at times, can be managed by consuming pumpkin seeds. L-tryptophan, which is present in pumpkin seeds improves mental health and allows you to cope up with problems of depression.

Strengthens Bladder Function
Problems in bladder can lead to severe health consequences. The high amount of nutrients present in pumpkin seeds can improve your bladder function to some great extent.

Prevention of Cancer
Though remedies have now been discovered for the treatment of different types of cancer, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Phytosterols that is present in pumpkin seeds has the ability to treat cancer and prevent it.

Parasite Treatment
Many people have trusted pumpkin seeds for the treatment of various parasites, including tapeworms. Research studies conducted by experts have shown that these seeds are effective for the treatment of schistosomiasis, even in acute stage.

Improves Health of Heart
A healthy heart is necessary for a fit and active life. Magnesium present in the pumpkin seeds boosts your heart health. It acts as a natural relaxant for the heart and reduces the risks of various cardiac problems. To get best results, it is important to include these seeds in your regular diet plan.

Source: Care 2, Health Diaries, Life Style Changer

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