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10 Easy To Make Salad Recipes

Salad is one of the commonest dishes that you could find in a dinner or lunch table. It can be used as a dish along with the main course meals or as an appetizer before the meals or as a dessert after the meals. There are more than hundreds of salad recipes in the world.

These  salads recipes are differentiated from each other by their ingredients. Though, among all the different salad recipes there are some commonly used ingredients like Tomatoes, onions, cucumber, spinach, carrot, and cabbage. Also salad recipe of every region has its own taste and flavor.

Here are some of the best easy to make salad recipes:

It means when you will visit Mexico you will get a taste of the local flavor in their salad while if you visit Japan or South East Asia you will get a taste of their own local flavor. In European countries the salad is mixed with wine and served with meat.

Cucumber Salad

It is one of the most common and easy to made salad recipe. For making cucumber salad you just need some fresh cucumbers. Pick the cucumber, peel them and cut them into medium size pieces and your salad is ready. In addition, you can add some lime or black pepper to enhance taste.

Green Vegetable Salad

salad with greens and vegetables

For making this salad, you would require Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, beans, spinach and fresh coriander leafs. First you need to peel of cabbage into small pieces and then make slices of tomatoes, onions, carrots and mushrooms. After placing them spread coriander leafs from the top and add black pepper or slat for improving the taste.

Macaroni Salad

For making this Salad you first need to boil Macaroni in water with a little oil for few minutes. Then let it cool down for a while. Meanwhile, cut vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, onion etc. After few minutes wash Macaroni in cold water and then serve it with the cut vegetables after adding few drops of lime and salt

Tuna Salad

For making Tuna salad all you need is fresh Tuna pieces, spinach, vinegar, cheese and salt. First wash the spinach and place it in a bowl & then add fresh tuna pieces over the spinach. Now add vinegar from the top with salt and mix it with hands (ensure wearing kitchen gloves). It’s now time to add some crushed cheese over the top and your Tuna Salad is ready to serve.

Red Onion Salad

Red onions are the special variety of onions that are a bit different from the regular onions. The red onions have a long tail of herb and they are much smaller in size then the regular onions. For making red onion salad you need some fresh red onions. After that, you could boil the red onions in water and oil in low heat and then serve with lime and pepper.

Pasta Salad

It is a popular Salad mostly eaten in Italy. Its main ingredient is the famous Italian pasta. It is made of fresh pasta and could be served with number of other ingredients like spinach, herbs, spices, Broccoli, onions and meat. 

Fruit Salad

It is one of the easiest salads to prepare. It is made from fresh fruits and often served as a dessert by adding a bit of curd or skimmed milk in it. For making a good fruit salad you need some fresh seasonal fruit and some regular fruits like Grapes, Apple, and Pomegranate etc. You need to cut small pieces of fruits and then mix it with sweet curd in a bowl.

Sweet Potato Salad

Sweet potato is a form of potato grown underground like the regular potatoes. For making sweet potatoes Salad you need some fresh boiled sweet potatoes and fresh leafy vegetables. You can also add tomatoes or onion in the Salad.

Sweet Corn Salad

For making sweet corn salad, you need some fresh corns boiled in water. Then add a mix of sugar along with bit of a salt and then serve it with fresh peanuts and butter.

Egg Salad

For making Egg Salad, you need two boiled eggs, salt and black pepper. First cut the boiled eggs into very small pieces (Only cut don’t mesh them). Now mix the eggs with the salt and pepper and serve them with onions. You can also add small pieces of bread in the salad.




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