10 Best Matrimonial Sites in India

Best Matrimonial Sites in India

Marriage is an institution every Indian believes in and it has indeed become a part of our culture. Though love marriages exist in our country, the Indian families still prefer arranged marriages as they believe that marriage is a holy institution which connects not just two souls, but two families also, together.  Hence the role of trustworthy mediators in the matrimony is very important.

New generation depends on internet for everything; therefore there are many matrimonial websites available too, through which thousands of people get married daily and thereafter lead a happy life. These sites have a huge database which suits your preference and helps you choose your life partner. Regardless of language, community, religion or caste, these sites have suitable matches for everyone. Matrimonial sites are easily accessible and once registered, your job of finding your right partner is made easy.

Best Matrimonial Sites in India

South Indians generally fall into the ‘conservative, orthodox families’ category and hence these sites tend to help them the most.

Here are the best matrimonial sites in India.


Matrimonial_Sites_For_South_Indians is one of the most popular matrimonial sites in India and celebrated as one of the most trust worthy sites as well. The site is a combination of culture and technology. There are umpteen facilities that make the partner selection easier. It has already found a place in the Limca book of world records for facilitating a record number of marriages. BharatMatrimony has 15 regional portals including South zones. Kerala Matrimony for Keralites, KannadaMatrimony for Kannadiga, TamilMatrimony for Tamilians and TeluguMatrimony for Telungana. Each has community, religion and caste wise divisions along with gender, age, education, occupation and a lot more to make your search more specific and reach out to the right person. BharatMatrimony also has regional offices accordingly and one good thing about them is that, they conduct meet up campaigns every now and then for the families to make things even casual and comfortable.


Matrimonial_Sites_For_South_Indians_Shaadi is the oldest and the world’s largest matrimonial service which was started with one simple motive- to help people find their partner and thus seek happiness. was launched in 1996 and is still successful. It has been voted as the number 1 match making service, globally. Regional preferences make them successful in the Southern side of India. They offer services for people from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh separately and effectively.

MK India Reading


Matrimonial_Sites_For_South_Indians_Jeevansaathi offers brides, grooms and parents a platform to choose their new family member through matching tools implemented on the website. Not just online, but they have offline services in selected cities too, to provide better services for the registered members.


Matrimonial_Sites_For_South_Indians_SimplyMarry is yet again one of the most popular matrimonial sites in India, let alone South India. They also provide an easy platform to find your special friend for life from the huge database of registered members. When marriage is meant to be the one for lifetime, the choice you make has to be the best and right one. helps you find it with much ease and comfort. There are a lot of happily married couples who met through this site and their success stories can be found on the website itself.



People are still so orthodox that they cannot think about getting their children married to someone outside their community. There is also a belief that marrying within the community is healthy, happy and also strengthens the bond within the community. is for parents who are very particular about the caste of the bride or groom they are searching for. No matter which community you are from, chennaimatrimony can help you.



KM matrimony unlike the above said websites which are widespread across the country, focuses only on people from the South. The divisions include Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. Here also, the success stories are not less, and these stories from the happy couples can be found directly on the website.


Matrimonial_Sites_For_South_Indians_M4Marry is a venture by Manorama group. This complete wedding portal focuses on people from Kerala, that is, Malayalees, alone.  The various communities in Kerala are benefited through this website. There are a lot of success stories here as well, and this matrimonial site is one of the top and popular one in Kerala. Location, education, occupation, age, family background etc matters when it comes to marriages, and has made the procedure easy with the help of technology.



The objective of this website is to help the natives of Tamil Nadu spread all over the world easily find their life partner who can complement them perfectly. The various matching tools and technologies make this process quite easy. There are various communities from Tamil Nadu listed out in the website, so that everyone gets benefited. The search for the one made for us is indeed a tough job, and the matrimonial sites are nothing but a relief from the pain and distress one has to go through during this entire search process. is quite popular among Tamilians for their brilliant service.


Matrimonial_Sites_For_South_Indians_Tamil_Swayamavara also gives more importance to South Indians and hence is quite popular in the South side. The membership fee is not very expensive and hence can be afforded by anyone regardless of their financial status. Their website says, ‘We match hearts’ and the success stories prove that this statement is indeed true.



Back in Kerala, there are a lot of Christian families and is made exclusively for the brides and grooms out there. The site is very famous among the Christian communities in Kerala. They also have monthly booklets that serve the same purpose, distributed to the subscribed members. A division of Chavara Cultural centre managed by CMI priests, this website indeed is trustworthy and reliable.

Marriages are made in heaven, and to make it happen, we need to put in a bit of effort from our side. Spending a little time over internet once you are registered to any of these trustworthy matrimonial sites makes you realize that your partner is just a click away!

If you know any matrimony sites that worked for you, let me know in comments.

If you own a Matrimonial website and would like to list your website here, please fill in the following application form.

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  • Please check to include in your list. It’s a free matrimonial website that can help the people find their partners

  • Dear Karthik

    Very Nice Blog You Write Thank For Sharing Amazing Information to us.

    You Blog is very Information and very useful Most of the people are very confused to find perfect life partner and find a correct partner is very difficult.
    If Any One want to find Perfect Groom/Bride

  • Dear Karthik,

    Good to know you through the web pages. Great job done well. All the meritts goes to to your parents. Keep up the the fine spirits. Basheer, Madurai

  • A well written post Mani Karthik. I would like to introduce one more website that found very useful for all youngsters who are looking for getting married. The name of the website is Apart from having huge list of authentic profiles they provide up to marriage service to their customers. Lat but not the least they have very supportive staff who show no hesitation in giving suggestions and guidelines for fining the right matched profiles.

  • If you are looking for NRI’s Matrimonial Website then will be the best option for you & can check out this website. It is very helpful NRI matrimony site for those who are looking for NRI Bride or Groom for marriage.

  • Nice Iist of Matrimony Sites Mr. Karthik and in the comments I was seeing someone was asking for NRI’s website who are dedicated to provide Matrimonial Services to NRI’s. I can suggest you 1 NRI’s Matrimonial Website you can check out this website and also you can add this website in your list of Matrimonial websites. It will be very helpful for those who are looking Bride or Groom in abroad.

  • Among the other Matrimonial sites India definitely has a edge and are not as easy to understand as it looks. You have a handsome list over here, There are several security features involved in maintaining the profiles safe. Though most of the security is enabled over the matrimonial websites in india here, one of the foremost concern is profile protection. How are the profiles going to be protected from unwanted profiles.

    I would like to introduce a new matrimonial website which is at the rescue. Matrimonial Services has newly introduced a matrimonial website in india with this stunning feature. The profiles are visible only to paid and verified members is the first stunning feature, secondly, the profile part which should be secured apart from other details are patrika, email or any messenger id, and finally the residential address. Matrimonial Services has provided 3 different passwords for these 3 tab sections seperately which change every 24 hours automatically ! Now if one of the profile has verified all the details including photo and wish to match patrika then he/she will ask for password to the member by sending message, the other member comes to know from messages who is asking for what, the member will share password only if he/she is interested in the other persons profile, is the most stunning feature, the member will share the password from his/her profile section to the other member (which dynamically change every 24 hours), Now the member who has received the password will get access to patrika section only for 24 hours, Even if the member share the password (which does not normally happen) it will be valid for 24 hours only. Likewise the member can go ahead and ask for other 2 password and proceed ahead with the discussion. Matrimonial Services recommends asking for patrika password , email and messenger id, and the address password in that order. Matrimonial Services wish every candidate happy matrimonial services in India !

  • Hi, Mani. I have tried recently Sangam app which helps me to find groom from my community. They have released individial apps for all top communities. As most of the arranged marriages is based on couple with same community, this community specific app idea is interesting I should say. I would like to get your opinion on the same.

  • मुझे लगता है भारत में पूरी तरह से हिंदी भाषी लोगो को ध्यान में रख कर कोई हिंदी मेट्रीमोनियल वेबसाइट अभी नहीं है |
    इस की कमी है अभी इस पर भी काम किया जाना जाना चाहिए

  • Among all these I feel like is the best as it provides only professionals.

  • Apart from this list there are two name is
    And abpweddings

  • Nice listing for Matrimonial sites ! Thanks Mani Karthik and I suggest that you should also add in your list. This is new popular matrimonial website for indian for all communities.

  • Hi mani Karthik
    Thanks for this blog. I have a question for you. Do you know any matrimonial website for Indian kids who are born and brought up in USA who can look for a partner who are also born and brought up in USA?

  • Hi,
    Great list.Thanks for sharing.Exactly we have a website ,this should be add to your list.This is an online matrimonial site which suits for all community.

  • Those who want to Register above website, I request them to use 99marriageguru India’s first website who accept your Family Video absolutely Free of cost. The website is practically Design for Every Caste & Community in India. you can also search your profile city base. another special feature is that this is First time in India where local matrimony agent can upload their client’s profile. you can get all above service free of cost. You can also get verified phone no completely Free of cost. According to my view 99marriageguru is the Best one according to Feature compare to other matrimony website in India

  • Nice list! Thanks Mr. Karthik and I suggest that you should also add in your list. This is new matrimonial website for indian for all communities

Mani Karthik

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