10 Best Investment Advisory Agencies in India

In today’s world, when it comes to investment, one needs to be well informed about both investment plans as well as investment options. Because at the end of the day, your investment decision shouldn’t affect your or make you suffer. That is why it is advised to go for an investment advisor who can guide you through all your financial dealings and investments. As long as the market conditions are inconsistent and the investment options are numerous, a knowledgeably strong investment advisor would be needed to help you get through the best plans and options.

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Best Investment Advisors in India

Who should be your investment advisor be? How will you know that? Here are some of the investment advisory agencies which are being mentioned as the best in India, who can provide you with the most accurate investment insights.

1. Bajaj Capital Limited

Bajaj Capital Limited is the best investment advisory agency in India. With its corporate office in New Delhi, Bajaj Capital Limited has 4 zonal offices in the metropolitan cities in India such as New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. The company is basically for helping the investor with the investment plans and other insights thinking from his/her perspective. The company offers financial advises when it comes to investment in the form of mutual funds, real estate, post office schemes, bonds, IPO’s, Portfolio management, company fixed deposit and pension.

2. B. T. S. Investment Advisors Limited

B. T. S. Investment Advisors Limited was a result of the demand of the country’s growth in terms of capital and it potential in financial investments. The company aims at being the leading growth capital provider of the country, and for the purpose they give importance to confidentiality, fairness and integrity above all. With its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, the company’s office in India is located in Mumbai. The company claims to have contributed in the financial growth and expansion of various Indian enterprises by giving them financial advices.

3. D. S. P. Merrill Lynch Limited

D. S. P. Merrill Lynch happens to be a subsidiary of the well reputed organization Bank of America Corporation, with its operational office located in Mumbai. Being one of the most reputed investments advisory and a firm that also contributes in capital market and wealth management in India, the company serves as a strategic advisor for various institutions, firms, individuals and government organizations. This leading underwriter of securities and trader firm also helps all its clients in raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, trading, sales and securities research.

4. Go 4 Advisory Services

Go 4 Advisory Services is India’s one of the leading research cum advisory houses. The firm is a part of the Go 4 Group and is located in Ahamedabad. The company is primarily into stock broking, but it is also specialized in business analysis, intelligence and stock of information. Expert technical analysis and information about stocks are being provided by the firm to its clients. The clients include various reputed organizations and individuals and the firm is expertised in services in sectors that include Broking, Financial services, FMCG, Analysis, Picture Film Productions, Real estate, Media, Automobiles, Internet, Plastic Industry and a lot more.

5. Kotak Private Equity Group

Kotak Private Equity Group, popularly known as K. P. E. G. falls under the leading equity firms in India. They provide strategic support as well as equity capital and other value added services to help the mid-sized enterprises and corporates to develop themselves into industry leaders. K.P.E.G has its operational office in Mumbai. K. P. E. G. has won the ‘Best Performing Equity Broker in India’ awarded by the CNBC Financial Advisor Awards 2008.

6. Paar Tax and Investments Consultants Limited

Paar Tax and Investments Consultants Limited which is often called as P. T. I. C., primarily provides financial services to the clients. It has its operational office situated in New Delhi. The advises given by P. T. I. C. to its clients are generally on financial planning, retirement planning, insurance planning and investment portfolio management. From software companies to professionals, it has clients from various sectors of the business spectrum.

7. P. N. Vijay Financial Services Private Limited

P. N. Vijay Financial Services Private Limited or P. N. V. F specializes in providing services of International standards in wealth management as well as portfolio management. Apart from the various products it has, it even educate people on the current Indian economy, market trend and stock values through their ‘Knowledge Centre’, thereby helping them to take wise financial decisions.

8. River Bridge Investment Advisors Private Limited

This financial advisory firm focuses on reducing the gap between the major investors and the aspiring corporate. River Bridge Investment Advisors Private Limited specializes in investment services to help the companies generate capital. The company that is based in Chennai was founded by a team of experienced professionals from IIM Bangalore who have a background in dealing with banking, financial services and credit rating. Their services include Capital Raising, Acquisition, Divestiture and Strategic relationships and Financial Advisory Services.

9. SONG Investment Advisors India Private Limited

SONG Investment Advisor is into investment management. The investment advisory body specializes in creating a demonstrative model to make people realize that investing in Small and Medium Enterprises (S. M. E.) not only catalyzes sectoral investment, but also generates good stakeholder returns along with being profitable. The company helps the entrepreneurs realize their dreams and also provides them with right capital and strategic market insights. At the same time, the investors are advised by the firm to invest their money on projects that can help them get more than what they had invested. The company thus creates a balance between the two sectors.

10. Unit Trust of India

Unit Trust of India popularly known as U. T. I, is a financial company that provides financial products as well as investment advisory services. The ‘learning center’ of U.T. I is an online platform which serves as an online financial guide to the clients.

These Investment advisories not only provides advises to help businesses travel through the right way of investments, but also guides them to make right decisions in terms of finance and wealth management as well.

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  • Hi myself ganesh I have a excess amount of 2 lakh 50k I want to invest in stocks as well as in mutual fund is there anyone who can advice me?

  • Hi Mani

    Great information on finance advisory companies in India, however, I feel above list needs to update now; some of the companies you can consider like Zerodha and PL India. Why Zerodhar because they keep a match with technology + innovative products and why PL India because having vast experience in the market and their research team is highly experienced in the market.

    • I have tried Zerodha recently. Got signed up on their platform in 2-3 months, their on-boarding process was extremely difficult (partly because of some issues from my side). But their platform is very intuitive and lite weight.

  • Hi I have 10 L excess money and I want to invest the same in stocks & MFs for 5 to 10 years. Please advice me and give some name of stocks & MFs.


    • Hi Gopal,

      Here are some suggestions for your investments.

      Dividing your Investments into two equal parts
      5 lac for Direct Equity i.e. Stocks
      1. Borosil Glassworks
      2. Voltas
      3. Maruti
      4. Garware Wallropes
      5. PPAP Automotives

      5 lac for Mutual Fund
      1. Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund – Monthly Dividend
      This mutual has a great balance of Equity and debt.
      and has been giving 1% monthly dividend on your invested amount from last 1.5 years.

      We are group of Ex-CitiBank Employees who have come together to start a unique advisory platform.

      Happy Investing.

  • I am jitendra kumar from bokaro steel city, Jharkhand. I want to you mani karthik. Whose adviser company for trading market. I want investment in share. Thanks

  • Would like to introduce Purnartha. We have expertise in equity research and equity investment advisory services . We specialise in long term equities and have generated good returns for our clients . Do visit Purnartha.com

  • Hi I’m Bharat Ray. Suggest me the best share advisory company because I have been cheated a lot of times
    I would like to get some valuable help from you . I belong from a lower middle class family and I really need some healthy tips from you ..
    Bharat Ray

  • The term exchanging implies trading one thing for another. In the monetary markets, you either purchase something for one cost and offer it again for another, ideally at a higher cost for a benefit, or you offer something for one cost and purchase it again at another, ideally bring down cost for a benefit.
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  • i want to invetment in share market plese give me informatiom
    what is tranding?
    how to get profit in share market

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