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10 Apps For Weight Loss & Health Tracking

There are many mobile apps available for smartphones that keeps track of calories that you consume. These apps have changed the way of life of many smartphone users. They are now much more conscious about their health, particularly the intake of calories. As per standards , an average male requires around 2500 calories each day. However, there are many who either consume more than 2500 calories each day or less than 2500 calories each day. This causes imbalance in our metabolism and affects growth of the body.

Thankfully, there are many mobile apps available for smartphones that will help you count daily calories consumed without any hassles. These mobile apps not only provide information on calories consumed but, provides you a complete diet chart keeping in mind your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Top 10 Apps for Weight Loss

Lose it weight-loss-app
It is a free app available for the iPhone and is one of the most popular apps for tracking calories. The Lose it app is simple to use and it can provide complete information on your daily calorie dose in a few seconds.

Calories Tracker
It is one of the most popular apps on Android smartphones. This app provides the user complete information on their regular calorie intake and also helps them in making their diet plan. If you are a smartphone user then you would surely like this app due to its distinct features. With this app you can also measure your BMI and get information on nutritional values of different foods.

Meal Snap
This is one of the most popular calorie counter apps available for the iPhone. Using Meal snap is as easy as doing anything on the iPhone. What you just need is to click a snap of your meal and this app will automatically calculate the calorie value of your meal. There are more than 50,000 foods listed in this app.

Calorie 3
This is a iPhone based as well as desktop based app for counting your calories. This app was initially developed for Mac, but later upgraded for the iPhone version. This app will tell your exact calorie requirements and the ideal calorie chart for your diet. Using this app is quite fun and you would get to know the nutritional value of more than 80,000 foods.

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Restaurant Nutrition
This free app for your iPhone will tell you the nutritional value of the recipes that are served in a nearby restaurant. This mobile app has pre-loaded information about the various dishes that are served in popular restaurants in your area. So, whenever you visit a restaurant in your area don’t forget to count calories on this app before placing a order.

Calorie Counter
This free app on the iPhone comes with a unique bar code scanner that will help you get the calorie content of any packaged food by just scanning its bar code. This app has also plenty of other features like a list of best calorie foods and their nutritional value. BMI calculator and many other features are available in this apps.

Daily Burn Tracker
If you are working out daily then there is no other helpful app than the Daily Burn Tracker. This apps is loaded with many distinct and unique features. This app will help you to plan your workouts effectively and also let you know the calories you are burning while doing the workouts.

Calories Pro
This is another interesting app for iPhone for counting and tracking your daily calorie requirements. This app is loaded with tailor-made apps for calorie tracking, workout training, weight management and a diet chart. What you need to do is just follow the step by step instructions and count calories.

Exercise Tracker
This is another unique and professional help for calorie counting and weight management. If you do workouts regularly then you must know the time spent for doing a particular workout and how much calorie you will burn by doing a particular workout. All this you could do easily with the Exercise Trekker.

My Diet Diary
2-17-2013 10-24-09 AM
It is another fantastic app which will help you monitor your calorie program. This app will also help you in making your diet chart. All you need is just to insert your daily routine and workout limits, it will automatically prepare a diet chart for you based on your needs.

So, there you have it. Some of the best mobile apps for weight loss tracking. Let me know if you have any comments.

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